Letter to Obama

To: President Barack Hussein Obama

I didn’t vote for you, but you won fair and square. I was disappointed and heart-broken that a great American hero such as John McCain lost. In the beginning you were just a president I didn’t vote for and I knew there would be another election in four years and I could vote again to try and elect my man. But you, Mr. President, have become something else now, you are not just the man I didn’t vote for, but you are quickly becoming my enemy and a enemy of the state. You, sir are a threat me and to my family. That’s something I cannot and will not tolerate and will do all in my power to stop your madness. You sir, are a threat to all I hold dear.

Your recent moves through DHS and EPA have have convinced me that yours is a alien agenda, an agenda that’s aimed at gaining complete control of all means of production and complete control of the life’s of the average American, an agenda that wants to control opposition voices, an agenda that does not respect dissent, an agenda that does not respect individual rights, an agenda that puts radical environmental goals ahead of the needs of the common man. In short Mr. President, yours is an agenda of the far left, an agenda that will lead to the destruction of this great country, an agenda that will bring about unbridled social upheaval. Your path Mr. President is a road to conflict, a conflict that could erode the very foundations of this nation.

So Mr. President, you are not just the man I didn’t vote for, you are my enemy. You represent something foreign, something threatening, and yes something evil. You sir, are not just a danger to me and mine, but a danger to all in this country. Not only those who oppose your radical ideology, but those who support it. Your actions, your policies, will have us all drowning in a sea of revolution. Please moderate your policies, before this country reaches a tipping point. I’m an old man now and have seen many presidents go and come, but none so radical and divisive as you. You Mr. President must moderate or face a legacy of failure and destruction. Things are moving quickly and the onrush of events will soon over take you. The time is now.


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