Lost Rights and Freedoms

Below is a list of freedoms I can recall once having but have been lost over the years due to regulations by local, state and federal government intrusions. Many were lost in the name of public safety. If you can think of any not on this list drop them off in the comment box and they will be added to this post.

****1. Can’t carry small pocket knife to school.
****2. Can’t carry nail clippers on plane
****3. Can’t order guns or ammo thru the mail
****4. Can’t drive my car without using seat belt
****5. Can’t have a single beer open in my car
****6. Can’t sit on my front steps and drink beer in some areas
****7. Can’t buy a vidio and legally copy it
****8. Can’t buy a can of coke in some schools
****9. Can’t hug my girl at school
***10. Can’t pray at school
***11. Can’t drive my car without insurance
***12. Can’t have too much tint on my car’s windows
***13. Must be 21 to buy a beer at bar
***14. Can’t leave my car while crossing the ferry in LA
***15. Can’t toss a gum wrapper out of the car window
***16. No free TV in many areas
***17. Can’t teach my kids at home without states approval
***18. Can’t tell an off color joke at work
***19. Can’t spank my children at home
***20. Teachers can’t spank kids at school
***21. Can’t travel into Canada or Mexico without passport
***22. Can’t pay some of my bills with cash
***23. Can’t board a place without picture I.D.
***24. Can’t buy certain types of fireworks
***25. Can’t shoot fireworks in city limits
***25. Can’t kill poisonous snakes in most locations
***26. Can’t shoot home intruders in many areas
***27. Can’t take food into a movie
***28. Can’t go into a cafe shoeless
***29. Can’t buy french fries cooked in certain oils in many regions
***30. Can’t buy candy in many schools
***31. Can’t prevent school from teaching sex education to my kid
***32. Can’t prevent my 14 yr old daughter from having an abortion


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